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Your water smells like rotten eggs.

There are a variety of problems that can occur within your homes water supply. Here

at Latow Brothers, we want to make you aware of these issues in case you happen

to experience them.

If you are experiencing a smell to your water that smells like rancid eggs, the culprit is a buildup of hydrogen sulfide gas. This happens when there isn't enough oxygen in the water supply. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to treat this problem. Give us a call if you ever notice this smell and we will be right over.

Hard Water

Hard water, caused by mineral buildup

is one of the most common water problems to occur. Over time these minerals buildup thicker and thicker layers and can clog your pipes and destroy your appliances. By calling Latow Brothers to treat your water, you will save a lot of money and extend the life of your machines.

High Iron Levels

When iron deposits in the ground dissolve, they can travel into your groundwater sources. You will know when this happens because of the red and orange stains that it leaves on your surfaces. Having high amounts of iron in your water affects how everything you make will taste as well as leave extremely hard to remove stains on all of your fixtures.

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