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Whether it’s a new water heater installation or replacement, we only use high-quality materials and equipment. Our water heater repair team will make sure that your water heating system will run smoothly. Contact us today for a FREE estimate!

High-quality equipment

Have a professional to check and repair your water heating system

Water heating system is one of the most important and needed components of a home. When this is broken, it could cause a major inconvenience. At Latow Brothers Plumbing Inc., we will diagnose the main problem and fix it immediately.

Don’t rely on the do-it-yourself guide to take care your water heater problems. This might create another problem and can cost you a lot. Consult an expert and have your water heater checked regularly. At Latow Brothers Plumbing Inc., we have the experience and skills to diagnose your problem and solve it for good. We offer dependable and quality water heater, equipment, repair, and service at a competitive price.

Maintenance and repair:

  • Electric and gas heaters

  • Instantaneous heaters

  • Outdoor and indoor heaters

  • Residential or commercial heaters