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If your place is located in low-lying areas and is prone to flood, your basement needs to be dry and protected to avoid health problems and destruction to your property. Sump pumps are necessarily installed in most basements to solve flooding and leaking issues. For installation, repair, replacement or maintenance, call our professional team to help you on your sump pumps service needs.

Protect your basement

Prevent backflow on your plumbing system

It is very helpful to have a sump pump into your home to send out the water that came from natural ground water or rain. It could also prevent a colossal damage on your basement during a flooding event. To know more on how to keep your basement safe and dry, call Latow Brothers Plumbing Inc. at 386-775-4422.

Dirty and used water might reverse its direction and flow back into your plumbing system if your municipal water loses pressure. If your plumbing system is not properly secured and protected, water supply might be contaminated and could cause serious damage to your property and spread diseases to your family. Prevent this from happening and eliminate risk. With the help of our experienced team, whether it’s an installation or repair, we will use our expertise and equipment to diagnose and fix the problem.

Sump pump repair service

  • Installation

  • Repair

  • Testing