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If you tried to fix your garbage disposal unit, but it is still not working, do not hesitate to call Latow Brothers Plumbing Inc. at 386-775-4422. Our professional and trained team will inspect your unit, find the cause of the problem, and provide the best solution to make it work smoothly again.

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Regular maintenance is a must!

Malfunctioned garbage disposal could create a backed up trash and a clogged drain can leave a big mess. Sometimes chemical drain cleaners are ineffective and make the problem even worse. Avoid wasting time and money, call Latow Brothers Plumbing Inc. for garbage disposal services and rest assured that you’ll have a peace of mind at the end of the day.

Plumbing problems can be avoided if regular maintenance is conducted. From blades to the electrics, garbage disposal is composed of different materials that could be damaged by hard materials. Clogging of drains might not be the cause of small objects, but it might be a cause of an impassable barrier that suffocates your plumbing system. At Latow Brothers Plumbing Inc., no matter what the cause of the problem, our experienced team will diagnose and create a solution to keep your disposal system run properly again.

Solving disposal unit’s problem

  • Drain declogging

  • Loosening the jam

  • Removal of stuck objects (silverware, bottle caps, etc.)

  • Resetting